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By: Matthew Carlin
(: 105 : 5 , 4 , 9 )
What would you do if you opened your closet door and out popped a woman who claimed to be your soul mate? When it happens to Adam, he assumes Eve is part of a prank being pulled on him by his best friend, Mark. Of course, Mark denies all knowledge of Eve, and Eve continues to insist she’s been sent by God to help Adam change the world. Meanwhile, she’s doing...  read more
By: A. Giovanni Affinito
(: 90 : 3 , 7 , 1 , 11 
Powerful women take center stage in this classic story of ambition, lust, and betrayal. Agrippina is the widowed mother of the Emperor Nero, and she will do just about anything to have her way. The problem is that everyone else in the Roman court is just as willing to back-stab, betray, seduce and manipulate in order to get into a position of power...  read more
By: Craig Sodaro
(: 90 : 13 , 8 , 21 )
Harriet Gunther's Chicago boarding house for young ladies almost loses its good reputation in a single night in 1925. Three gangsters posing as the new "help" invade the house looking for a treasure supposedly hidden there by Two Ton Tommy, a notorious but now dead-gangster. To complicate matters, the world's greatest screen lover and his director take refuge in...  read more
By: Peter Kennedy
(: 75 : 5 , 4 , 9 )
Whodunit, howdunit. When famous actress Primavera Donna throws a party and winds up dead, it’s up to the guests to figure out who and how, and why the hired help is so annoying. Shades of Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, and Ten Little Indians. As the storm outside rages and the body count mounts, the guests must contend with interruptions, shocking...  read more
By: Randall David Cook
(: 85 : 11 , 7 , 18 
"We're your hosts for 'American Idle: Murdering The Music,' the show where the singer who blows the most gets decimated by industry professionals!" shouts co-host Ryan Seasunk, the hyperactive emcee of the most popular talent show in America. As viewers tune in, the top ten finalists perform live for a lively studio audience and three in-fighting judges: Simon...  read more
By: Donaco Smyth
(: 90 : 10 , 9 , 19 
In Annoyed By Life, everybody is a little annoyed about something - mostly their inability to find love. These anxious urbanites deal with endless annoyances such as dating services, yapping poodles, unrequited love, inappropriate hairpieces, and grandmothers who don’t know if they are alive or dead. In tone and style, Annoyed By Life has a lot in...  read more
By: David Lassig
(: 110 : 3 , 4 , 7 )
All Jane needs to do to collect her inheritance is get married and wait six months – simple enough. But who wants to go through the hassle of finding a husband? Jane’s friend Tom has agreed to pretend to be her spouse for the afternoon so that Jane can stay single and keep the money for herself. Everything is set to go off without a hitch, and by suppertime...  read more
By: Donna Latham
(: 30 : 4 , 5 , 9 
     : 3 )
In this tale of murder and retribution, teenaged Olivia begs Grandmama to tell a story. Grandmama shares the tale of Lady Mary, a young woman in love with mysterious Mr. Fox. When Mr. Fox returns from his latest travels, he and Lady Mary will seal their wedding contract. The day before his return, Lady Mary seeks out his secluded estate, which she has never...  read more
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