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Evan Baughfman

Evan BaughfmanEvan Baughfman is a middle school English teacher who has had various written works published or performed. Many of his plays have been produced across the U.S., from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Connecticut and New York. (A couple of his stories have even been staged in Australia!) Numerous examples of his playscripts are available for review on the website, New Play Exchange.
When Evan became an educator, he found new inspiration for his written work. Now, much of Evan’s writing is geared towards a young audience, with the hopes of encouraging reluctant readers to pick up a book or even create their own stories, poems, and plays.
He has earned two certifications from the Institute of Children's Literature: “Writing and Selling Children’s Books” and “Writing for Children and Teenagers". His children's play, R.O.M.3.O. and Julia (Romeo and Juliet with robots) has been published in PLAYS Magazine. His play for young adults, Lipstick and Heroics, is available at In addition, Evan is the author of middle grade novels Bad for Your Teeth (about two boys' efforts to thwart the plans of an "evil" dentist) and Victor, Victorious (about a teenage bully turned superhero). He has also penned a collection of 13 short scary stories titled Twisted Tales from Edgar Allan Poe Middle School. More information about Evan’s work can be found at his creatively-titled website.

Visit Evan Baughfman's web page:
Plays by Evan Baughfman with Heuer Publishing: