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Peter Fenton

Peter Fenton
Peter Glen Fenton (b. August 26, 1995) is a playwright and screenwriter with three stage plays and one screenplay in his growing body of work. Fenton began writing when he was in eighth grade in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, inspired by the middle school play he was part of to write his own at the encouragement of his director and teacher, Suzanne Fisher (a shared mentor of Broadway and film actor Jonathan Groff). After his first stage play premiered while he was in high school, Fenton studied interpersonal communication at Wheaton College in the suburbs of Chicago and graduated with a bachelor's degree. He formally launched his writing career while at Wheaton, co-writing the award-winning screenplay for Filling In (2017, dir. Bradley Hawkins) as a junior, and writing and directing his second stage play, The Thousand-Year Rose, as a senior. In 2018, Fenton began a professional apprenticeship at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia.


Fenton draws joy and inspiration for his work from witty, imaginative media, including films from Disney and Pixar, video games from Nintendo, and various television series such as Arrested Development, Psych, and The Good Place. In addition to writing, Fenton has also worked as an international boarding school advisor, traveled Europe as a band videographer, and sang bass in the Wheaton College Men's Glee Club. Fenton is the youngest child of Jim and Beth Fenton, of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, and brother to sports information director Matthew Fenton and research chemist Dr. Julie Fenton. Fenton currently lives in Philadelphia and continues to write plays and screenplays.

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