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By: Ray SheersAdd to Wish List
Script: $7.50
Notebook Script: $16.75
   (8.5 x 11 3-ring binder with large margins for notes)
eAudition Monologue (Digital Download): $1.99
First Performance Royalty: $60.00
Each Additional Performance: $60.00
Video Rights: $30.00
Type: Full Length Play
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy
Themes: Time Travel, Fairy Tale
Running Time: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 17 females, 10 males, 27 total cast
ISBN: 978-1-61588-008-9
Script Preview   Author Notes   Photo Gallery   Productions
Author's Notes:
I've always liked the idea of contrary worlds clashing- -in this case, a mythical and cursed kingdom and the modern world. For contrast, I used rhyme for the dialogue of the kingdom folk and modern language for the inhabitants of our world. Visually, costumes and sets help draw clear lines between the two worlds. I've directed both the full-length version and the much simpler one-act with equal success. In fact, we prepared the one act in less than three weeks- - less elaborate, but equally entertaining. Any questions, the author is just an e-mail away through Heuer.
With a flare for verse, a Goblin puts a disastrous curse on the beautiful Princess Colleen. “her hands are blue, her feet are green, and her face . . . pig-like!” The Queen declares a kingdom of emergency and orders Twittering, the Court Soothsayer, Plumber, and Inventor, to reverse the curse and return beauty and poise to Princess Colleen. Using the Magic Yellow Pages, he finds an ad for DeWangler Pest Control . . . “no matter how big or how small, dewangler gets them all! dewangler will succeed, your satisfaction guaranteed!” Traveling in one of Twittering’s latest inventions, Twittering and three members of the court find their way into the 21st century (a.k.a. The Other Side), “‘tis not a pleasant place. ‘tis a land of smog and smoke where lives the lesser human race, the land of diet coke,” where things are going great for Elliot DeWangler until the traveling medieval court arrives and orders Elliot into the time contraption for a vacation like none other. “you have been summoned by the queen to destroy the goblin that put the pig curse on the princess, but i must confess i also found you in the yellow pages.” Elliot protests, “read the ad! i kill mice . . . roaches . . . termites . . . don’t you have anything smaller than a goblin?” With Twittering’s help, the unlikely hero discovers its only weakness and saves the Princess in a sensational, fairytale ending in rhyme. Area staging.

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