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By: Michael WehrliAdd to Wish List
Script: $5.50
Notebook Script: $12.75
   (8.5 x 11 3-ring binder with large margins for notes)
First Performance Royalty: $30.00
Each Additional Performance: $30.00
Limited Video Rights: $30.00  (See FAQ for full description.)
Limited Streaming/Broadcast Rights: $30.00  (See FAQ for full description.)
Extra Streams: $0.30
   (Valid with purchase of Limited Streaming/Broadcast Right. See FAQ for full description.)
Type: Short Play
Genre: Comedy
Theme: Play Within A Play
Running Time: 25 minutes
Speaking Cast: 2 females, 2 males, 3 either, 7 total cast
Flexibility: gender flexible
ISBN: 978-1-61588-380-6
Script Preview   Author Notes   Photo Gallery   Productions
Author's Notes:

Houston, We Have A Problem condenses over twenty years of experience producing theatre into a short and amazingly truthful, yet comedic play.

When I started producing and directing plays all those years ago, it quickly became apparent that psychology was as much a part of the job as anything else. Weve all been there you, as director, playing counselor to an actor having personal issues (which theyve brought into rehearsal). Or you as the producer, dealing with the huge personalities and artistic visions of your team while at the same time struggling to deal with venue issues or fund-raising. Or you as the technical director smiling and saying something mildly motivating when half of your tech team is hopelessly behind. All for the glory of the art, right?

All the characters and events in Houston were pulled from real-life events. The easy going director who is content that somehow, magically, everything will come together at opening. The slow as molasses techie who spends more time gabbing than actually working then proudly boasting of their all-nighters. The bellowing stage manager obsessed with keeping things on time, yet clearly put out whenever she has to rise out of her seat. And yes, we even had a very jealous boyfriend who threatened bodily harm because of a harmless kiss in the play. Its no wonder that my hair has started to recede

Still, those of us who love theatre unconditionally continue to forge ahead and find joy where we can in this all-consuming art form. I am hopeful you all will relate to the struggles and perseverance of this small group of temperamental artists in Houston. We theatre people are an interesting lot and once in a while, we just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

It’s three days before opening night and there’s a half-finished set, a complete lack of props and costumes, the light and sound board operators are off videotaping a wedding, and the playwright is about to have a heart attack. Throw in an actress with an extremely jealous boyfriend, a dictatorial stage manager, a very organic method actor, and a techie running power tools during rehearsals and you have a splendid disaster of a comedy. Join the cast and crew as they hilariously struggle through this debacle of a tech rehearsal.

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