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By: Karen Sokolof Javitch, Elaine JabenisAdd to Wish List
Script: $8.50
eScript Perusal: $8.50
Vocal/Choral Score: $20.00  (photocopying allowed for production)
Piano Score: $30.00
Orchestral Score: $100.00
   (Includes: 1 Conductor's Score Score, 1 Alto Sax Score, 1 Horn Score, 1 Trumpet I & II Score, 1 Trombone Score, 1 Guitar Score, 1 Piano/Vocal Score, 1 Keyboard Score, 1 Bass Score, 1 Drum Set Score)
Production CD: $30.00
Rehearsal CD: $30.00
Production/Rehearsal CD Combo: $50.00
First Performance Royalty: $90.00
Each Additional Performance: $90.00
Limited Video Rights: $30.00
Limited Streaming/Broadcast Rights: $50.00
Extra Streams: $0.50
Type: Musical
Genres: Drama, Comedy
Themes: Family, Royalty
Running Time: 120 minutes
Speaking Cast: 10 females, 8 males, 1 either, 19 total cast
Flexibility: 8-30 extras, gender flexible
ISBN: 978-1-61588-472-8
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Audio Samples:     
1.1 Prince Charles 30th Birthday Gala 
2.2 Just Once 
3.3 In My Life 
4.4 He's Such a Man 
5.5 In This Lifetime 
6.6 Now That He's in Love With Me 
7.7 The Whole World's Spinning Around Me-Spinning Duet 
8.8 One of England's Moments-They Say 
9.9 He's Such a Man (Reprise) 
10.10 Charles, I Need Help Please 
11.11 What a Grand Celebration 
12.12 Are You Thinking of Me 
13.13 Theatre Medley 
14.14 Just Once (Reprise) 
15.15 Diana, You Are Style 
16.17 They Say Medley (Parts 1,2&3) 
17.18 We'll Change the Monarchy 
18.19 My Heart Bleeds 
19.20 Hope in My Heart 
20.21 I'm Not the Little Kid I Used to Be 
21.22 The Things We Do For England 
22.23 There Was a Time 
23.24 The Fairy Tale is Over 
24.25 For Once 
25.26 Princess Diana 
26.27 Curtain Call 
To listen to these samples, you need software that plays MP3 files.
PRINCESS DIANA THE MUSICAL tells the story of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, focusing on their courtship, marriage and her relationship with the public and the rest of the royal family. The musical culminates with her divorce but ends after her tragic death. As the musical progresses, it portrays the evolution of the young Diana into the intelligent, mature woman who became the most famous woman in the world.
The show begins in November of 1978, when the seventeen-year old Lady Diana Spencer is invited to Prince Charles’s thirtieth birthday gala. Here we also meet the other members of the Royal Family––his parents––The Queen and Prince Philip and his grandmother, the Queen Mum. Charles is frustrated because his parents are applying pressure on him to find a suitable young woman to marry.
From this point on, the story is well-known: the romance, the wedding, her difficulty fitting in to the royal family, his desperation at her rising popularity, her desperation to be a loved and loving wife and mom. Camilla has an important role because she is the one Charles truly loves. (In real life, Charles and Camilla are now married.) Fergie, Diana’s sister-in-law, is Diana’s close friend and confidant throughout the show, as well as one of her flat mates, Carolyn.
The musical tells Diana’s story. But Charles and the senior royal family are not portrayed as the “villains of the piece.” They are seen more as people with various expectations and needs which are too rigidly enforced.
The musical is a look at Diana’s complicated life and the songs reflect that diversity. There are 26 songs, ranging from inspirational to comedic to romantic, with humor, laughter and love. The ballad that will bring tears to the eyes of all Princess Diana lovers is “There Was a Time,” which reiterates the fact that while she loved Prince Charles, there are doubts that he ever loved her. You will leave this musical humming “Hope in My Heart,” for that is truly what Princess Diana gave to all of us.

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