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A Musical Packed with Love!
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By: Gail PhaneufAdd to Wish List
Script Perusal: $7.50
   (For reading only. No Performance Rights conveyed.)
eScript Perusal: $7.50
   (For reading only. No Performance Rights conveyed.)
Notebook Script: $16.75
Digital Musical Pack: $370.00
   (Includes: Scripts, Scores, CD's, Artwork, Curriculum, and Audition Material)
First Performance Royalty: $370.00
Each Additional Performance: $75.00
Limited Video Rights: $30.00
Limited Streaming/Broadcast Rights: $50.00
Extra Streams: $0.50
Personalized Poster: $2.50
Types: Musical, Community Theatre, Social Awareness Play
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Bullying, Life Lessons & Experiences, Teen Experience
Running Time: 85 minutes
Speaking Cast: 8 females, 3 males, 5 either, 16 total cast
Flexibility: 0-45 extras, gender flexible
ISBN: 978-1-61588-317-2
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Customer Comments:
The Love Note is whole-family entertainment that uplifts audiences while tackling real-life themes of teen bullying, independence and parenting. (Press Release, MSSA, Concord and Boston, MA)
By JulieAnn Govang - Director - Middlesex School Summer Arts (MSSA)
This production has been a wonderful experience for this cast - the first I've had where the kids were in the actual age group of the characters they're portraying.  It has been a great opportunity to work with kids artistically, but also to touch on topics and feelings they're actually living through right now in their lives.  It didn't hurt that they are all having a great time with the material itself!
By Beverly Creasey - The Theater Mirror
Gail Phaneuf's musical, "The Love Note" will take you back to the glory days -- or were they horror days? -- of middle school. Phaneuf's spirited musical has the exuberance of "Hairspray" and the sweet innocence of "Bye Bye Birdie." With a pastiche score of ballads, pop rock, even a tango, "The Love Note" abounds with clever, cheeky lyrics.
By Staff -
"The Love Note" explores the trials of being “the new kid,” learning the ropes of self-reliance and survival techniques that carry into adulthood.
By Jan Rosenberg - Off-Broadway Reviewer -
An all-ages family friendly musical with an anti-bullying message. Gail Phaneuf's "The Love Note" is like a version of "Mean Girls." While the conflict at hand is not terribly dire, it's easy to sympathize with both Jessie and Brittany and comprehend how the bully becomes the victim and vice versa.

Under Russell Garrett’s direction, the adult cast pulls off playing ten year-olds hilariously well. Much of the score borrows from classical musical theater styles, as well as pop and hip-hop. Particularly memorable is the Lunch Lady’s eleven o'clock number where she cavorts with a mop whilst reminiscing about her youth. The troupe of nerds steal the show in "Book Worms," a song involving sneakered tap dancing. There’s plenty of hidden humor in the dialogue that may fly over the younger audiences’ heads, but parents are sure to eat it up.

The Love Note neither dumbs itself down for the kids, nor does it resort to cheap gimmicks to please the older crowds. It genuinely speaks to everyone as a whole, not trying to be anything it’s not. Which is in fact the moral of the story.

By Travis Williams - Roanoke Times: Montgomery County
Montgomery County students laughed, applauded and swayed their hands in the air throughout this week's anti-bullying program with "The Love Note."
The Love Note ran Off-Broadway at the Actors Temple Theater in New York, NY in September of 2014.
The Love Note is the tale of Jessie's arrival at a new and outlandish school where there is a colorful and zany cast of characters. The ruthless bullies rule the cafeteria, the unique bookworms stick together behind their books, and the watchful Lunch Lady wields a mean soup ladle. Meanwhile there is a cute boy named Peter who looks Jessie's way during math class. Jessie sits alone in her new school cafeteria, but gains some comfort from the tiny pink love note that her mother packs into her lunch bag. As soon as the head bully Brittany steals her love note and bites into her tasty sandwich, Jessie knows she is in trouble. In the musical The Love Note, Jessie and her lively friend, Airy, invent a spicy strategy to overcome the lunchroom bullies who pilfer her lunch and laugh at her precious love note. Bolstered by her ever-growing hunger, and cheeky advice from Airy, Jessie decides to take "Hot Lunch" preparation into her own hands.
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