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Based on the novel by Erich Maria Remarque
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By: Matt FossAdd to Wish List
Script: $8.50
Notebook Script: $16.75
   (8.5 x 11 3-ring binder with large margins for notes)
First Performance Royalty: $75.00
Each Additional Performance: $75.00
Types: Full Length Play, Community Theatre
Genres: Drama, Classics
Themes: War, Classic Adaptations
Running Time: 100 minutes
Speaking Cast: 10-38 either, 10-38 total cast
Flexibility: 0-20 extras, doubling possible, gender flexible
ISBN: 978-1-61588-478-0
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Customer Comments:
By Becky Sarwate - The Broadway Blog
All Quiet On The Western Front injects new energy and storytelling devices into a familiar tale of war, and its taxes on hope and the human spirit.
By Becky Sarwate - The Broadway Blog
It’s the little pockets of humanity and the audience’s awareness that the characters are standing in for real people who died to protect the ideals of other, more powerful men, that render the story’s ultimate tragedy so profoundly affecting.
By Becky Sarwate - The Broadway Blog
All Quiet On The Western Front eloquently captures the range of emotions that can accompany resignation to an imagined, but uncertain fate.
By Mary Shen Barnidge - Windy City Times
by the final moments before a deceptively gentle tune plays us out of the Greenhouse, we are as emotionally exhausted as if we ourselves had marched in the much-handed-down boots of weary veterans.
By Karen Topham - Chicago on Stage
This play leaves you with the feeling that you and the ensemble have gone through far more than you bargained for.
By Karen Topham - Chicago on Stage
'All Quiet’ is a brilliant, harrowing interpretation of Remarque’s famous novel.
By Lawrence Bommer - Stage and Cinema
Remarque via Foss details the soul-shrinking tedium of basic training and trench warfare amid the sheer randomness of killing or being killed.
By Nancy Bishop - Third Coast Review
The direction, performances and creative staging of this production are fully up to the standards demanded by this 90-year-old iconic work of art.
By Nancy Bishop - Third Coast Review
All Quiet on the Western Front vividly recreates the horrors and miseries of war.
By Amy Munice - Picture this Post
This play, as the book, has enormous breadth—capturing the saga that is war. Very few playwrights try to take on as much as this script does. Even fewer plays succeed as much in telling their tale so powerfully.
By Amy Munice - Picture this Post
Battle is imagined in granular detail and broad stroke simultaneously—it is breathtaking!
By Catey Sullivan - Chicago Reader
[T]his is an ensemble show, and this ensemble makes the comradery onstage feel stone true. You can almost see the bonds that form among the soldiers as they move from one hellscape to the next.
A stage adaptation of Remarque’s classic novel, All Quiet on the Western Front tells the experiences of the Second Company on the German Front lines during the last year of WWI. Closely following the novel, the central storyteller, Paul, navigates these perilous trenches while learning the heartbreak of loss, the shared humanity and necessity of friendship, and struggles with the burgeoning awareness of the true reality within the horrors of war.
Employing a diverse cast and theatrical staging, Foss’s adaptation is a feast for the eyes, incorporating dance and holi powder for the battle scenes and seamless symbolism. Championing Remarque’s novel, Matt Foss sinks his teeth in to the text and viscerally rips the heart onto the stage.

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