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By: Robert LynnAdd to Wish List
Script: $8.50
Notebook Script: $16.75
   (8.5 x 11 3-ring binder with large margins for notes))
First Performance Royalty: $70.00
Each Additional Performance: $70.00
Limited Video Rights: $30.00
Limited Streaming/Broadcast Rights: $50.00
Extra Streams: $0.50
Artwork Image Download: $30.00
Personalized Poster: $2.50
Types: Full Length Play, Community Theatre, Holiday Theater
Genres: Comedy, Holiday
Themes: Seasonal, Friendship, Christmas
Running Time: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 5 females, 4 males, 9 total cast
ISBN: 978-1-61588-238-0
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Customer Comments:
By Ron Jelinek - Director - Grand Island Little Theatre
Our audiences loved this show! Each audience grew by word of mouth. Very funny script!
By Jerry Huffman - Director - Crest Area Theatre
Fun and challenging show for comedic actors. Prepare them for much memorization as most scenes have only 2 actors on stage at a time. Audiences laughed and enjoyed our 3-night production.
By John Stuff - Director - Stone Soup Theater Company
Stone Soup Theater Company in Champaign IL chose this show as our inaugural show, after having seen it performed in Dubuque, IA. The cast LOVED performing it, the audiences LOVED watching it. Robert Lynn has written a very funny, witty, comedy that is all too true to the way some people celebrate Christmas! Our advertising GUARANTEED laughs and no one was disappointed! A simple interior set that we modified to move from one house to another, current costumes, fairly simple props. We highly recommend The ReGifters for anyone who is tired of doing A Christmas Carol or any other standard Christmas show AGAIN! Includes a wonderful message in the final scene. Warning... one audience member almost peed her pants laughing so hard!! REALLY!! Be prepared...
By Kristin Cox Hills - Arts & Entertainment Critic - The Ukiah Daily Journal
The Regifters is stuffed with pithy one-liners and witty jabs at all kinds of holiday stereotypes. The premise is simple enough, and you might be able to relate. Admit it. You’ve “regifted” before, haven’t you? Or maybe you just know someone who has.

Make no mistake: The Regifters isn’t some sickly sweet confection ... it strikes just the right balance between snarky sarcasm and heartwarming sentimentality.

When a couple "regifts" a not-so-great Christmas present, then finds out it's worth a fortune, they will stop at nothing to get it back. But they're not the only ones who rewrapped it… In the mad pursuit to reclaim the gift, everyone who gave it away learns about friendship, real wealth, and the value of a gift truly given.

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