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By: Christopher Villa, Greg AtkinsAdd to Wish List
Script: $9.00
Notebook Script: $16.75
   (8.5 x 11 3-ring binder with large margins for notes)
First Performance Royalty: $65.00
Each Additional Performance: $65.00
Type: Full Length Play
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Westerns, Radio Theatre, Classic Adaptations
Running Time: 120 minutes
Speaking Cast: 12 females, 15 males, 27 total cast
ISBN: 978-1-61588-156-7
Script Preview   Comments   Productions
Customer Comments:
By Corinne Flocken - Editor - Los Angeles Times
Somewhere on the great lonesome trail called family entertainment, Twin Desperados added more corn to the corn and more hero to the hero.
By Alyssa Davis - Actor - Winnebago Middle school
This was a very good play, and it made people laugh. We made a great choice in what play to do this year.
By Marjorie Stradinger - Editor - The Irvine World News
It's hard to tell whether the cast or the audience is having more fun!
By Ann Bemis - Drama Director - Southwest Junior High School
I was looking for a script that was good, appropriate for junior high, and flexible enough to include all the kids who wanted to experience being in a play. Twin Desperados fit the bill. When I first read it, I found myself laughing out loud...all things considered, producing this play was quite a challenge, which we met.
“High above the stockyards in the beautiful brisket building of Chicago's legendary Tenderloin District, the Rough Rider Radio Theatre is proud to present the masked avenger in the final exciting chapter of Twin Desperados! Tonight - Episode 20, When Bullets Kiss.
With these words, our velvet-voiced radio announcer sends us back to the days before television, when families sat by the radio every night and listened to their favorite shows. As he speaks, the characters come to life on stage... in living cowboy color! It seems that the bleak little town of Armadillo, where bad guys run rampant and even a pretty schoolmarm can't get a date, is in trouble. The Masked Avenger and his trusty sidekick, Howdy, fresh from their latest scrape with evil and plumb out of clean costumes, ride into town looking for a laundry and find themselves up to their six-shooters in dirty deeds. On their heels are another pair of crime fighters who look and act exactly the same as the first two! It's the Masked Desperado, a federal agent posing as a hired gun, who infiltrates the bad guys' gang to uncover a land-hungry baroness's plot to choke the life out of Armadillo. Riding his stick pony alongside is his long suffering partner, Pardner. All four heroes are in search of their long-lost twin brothers from whom they were separated at birth. Their quest has taken them across the West, with feats of courage and decency, and the occasional commercial plug. Now they are together at last. Except, of course, nobody knows it.
Burning questions arise: Will the twins be reunited? Will the villain's evil plot succeed? Will love blossom on the prairie? Will any of the villains bathe? And why are our heroes still carrying their blankies? Two times the fun and phenomenal action.

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