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By: Daniel GuytonAdd to Wish List
Ten Minute Play Pack: $30.00
   (Includes 3 scripts and performance rights for one year at one venue)
Classroom Script: $4.00  (Minimum order of 10)
Additional Venues: $10.00
Limited Video Rights: $30.00  (See FAQ for full description.)
Limited Streaming/Broadcast Rights: $5.00  (See FAQ for full description.)
Extra Streams: $0.05
   (Valid with purchase of Limited Streaming/Broadcast Right. See FAQ for full description.)
Types: Ten Minute Play, Holiday Theater
Genres: Drama, Holiday
Themes: Death, Seasonal
Running Time: 10 minutes
Speaking Cast: 1 female, 1 male, 2 total cast
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Customer Comments:
Death of a Snowman by Daniel Guyton examines life, love and loss through a fanciful conversation between a young girl and the snowman she created in her backyard. Charlotte (the adorable Haley Pine) grieves the recent death of her mother and turns to her rather eloquent, if physically frosty, friend (charmingly played by Billy Flynn) for a frank and philosophical discussion of life's biggest questions. Guyton's piece suitably explores grief and remembrance by embracing optimism, adding a touch of humor, and championing the well-lived life. (Press Release, One Act Play Festival Artists' Exchange, Cranston, RI)
What if... a snowman could talk? DEATH OF A SNOWMAN is the story of a grieving little girl who has serious questions and no one to talk to, except her snowman. What follows is a poignant conversation she has with her older and wiser friend about humanity s biggest questions about death and the preciousness and purpose of life. (Press Release, The Fairfield Ledger, 2016)
By Hope Bough - Indy Theatre Habit, 2009
Nor is ["A Very Phoenix Xmas"] all fluff. One short play has a little girl charmingly but profoundly discussing death and the afterlife with a compassionate snowman, for example. ("Death of a Snowman," by Daniel Guyton).
By Lou Harry - Indianapolis Business Journal, 2009
Best of the bunch is Daniel Guyton's "Death of a Snowman," in which actor Michael Shelton gives the best performance I've seen from him (and I've seen some fine ones) as a snowman discussing life and death with a young girl (Amanda Lynn Meyer).
By Elizabeth Musgrave - Gotta Go! Newsletter, 2009
[Michael] Shelton and Amanda Lynn Meyer team up nicely in "Death of a Snowman," a poignant moment between a girl who has lost her mother and her snowman, who explains the circle of life in the coolest way possible.
A young girl and her snowman discuss the afterlife in this existential winter drama.

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