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By: William Arnold, Scott AudenAdd to Wish List
Script: $8.50
eScript Perusal: $8.50
Notebook Script: $16.75
   (8.5 x 11 3-ring binder with large margins for notes)
Vocal/Choral Score: $20.00
   (photocopying allowed; includes vocal backing)
Piano Score: $30.00
Orchestral Score: $20.00  (includes guitar, bass, drums)
Production CD: $30.00
Rehearsal CD: $30.00  (audio clips available online)
Production/Rehearsal CD Combo: $50.00
First Performance Royalty: $90.00
Each Additional Performance: $90.00
Limited Video Rights: $30.00
Limited Streaming/Broadcast Rights: $50.00
Extra Streams: $0.50
Artwork Image Download: $30.00
Personalized Poster: $2.50
Types: Musical, Community Theatre
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Love & Romance, Play Within A Play
Running Time: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 5 females, 4 males, 9 total cast
ISBN: 978-1-61588-095-9
Title Includes: Adult Language, Mature Theme
Script Preview   Author Notes   Audio Preview   Productions
Phoebe's got a problem . . . no matter where she goes, no matter what she does, she constantly finds herself in a musical. While this wouldn't be a problem to some folks, Phoebe tries to escape by taking a job in a laundromat. Everything is fine until one day Phoebe looks up and sees the audience, the lights, everything. Three muses: Biz, Fab, and Cheer, rise up out of the washers and explain to Phoebe that there is no escaping this musical until she finishes the show and follows the rules to get there. Reluctantly, and with more than a little sarcasm, Phoebe enlists the help of Gary, a pathetic cuckold who was just minding his own business. Jack and Jill enter and the race to finish the musical begins. Along the way, they encounter Heinrich von Baddie, Phoebe's boss and the representation of villainy in the play. Faced with impending doom (and marriage), Phoebe and her new friends sing themselves through many different emotions and stories, culminating in the classic confrontation of good and evil: a landlord wearing leiderhosen and a government agent wearing a jet-pack.
Featuring the witty repartee of Scott Auden's dialogue and Bill Arnold's music, Lint! The Musical takes the audience through the musical experience. If you didn't know the rules going into it, you'll certainly know them afterwards. So really, this show is a public service for people who find themselves stuck in a musical and don't know what to do. One final tip from the Lint! creative team: Clean your lint trap often. It saves energy, and you'll get more lint to have fun with!
Lint! The Musical premiered at Hole in the Wall Theater in New Britain, Connecticut in 2003 and was work-shopped by the same company in 2002.
For more information about Lint! The Musical, please visit the original production website at The original cast recording is also available on iTunes and at
The artwork for Lint! The Musical was created by Peter Riley, ArtAttack of New Britain, CT.

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