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Audio Sampler: $10.00
Showkit™: $695.00
   ShowKit™ Includes:
30 Libretto/Vocal Books
Piano/Vocal Score
Director’s Guide
2 Performance/Accompaniment CDs
Choreography DVD
30 Family Matters Booklets
Running Time: 60 minutes
Songs   Characters   Audio Preview
The NARRATORS provide great opportunities to involve children that are more comfortable speaking than singing. The script is written to feature four Narrators, but you could adapt the roles to incorporate more students (or fewer) depending on the size of your cast. Be sure the students you cast in these roles can enunciate and project, as they are key to the momentum of this beautiful tale. You can cast the school principal, a teacher or a wellknown community member as the one of the Narrators to get your entire community involved. These roles can be completely non-singing, but the actors could be cast from your ensemble if desired.

BELLE is a smart, confident young woman from a small village. You will want to cast a child who is a strong singer and actress. Belle needs to be able to stand up to Gaston (and the Beast!) as well as those who don't seem to understand her, while being able to show compassion for her father, the Servants, and eventually the Beast. During auditions, you can bet that most of the girls will be trying out for the role of Belle. If there are several female students in your school that could perform the role, you should consider casting two girls to play Belle on alternating nights, sharing the responsibility of this large role.

MAURICE is an eccentric, older inventor, yet more importantly, the adoring and protective father of Belle. This non-solo singing role is perfect for the student who can have fun interpreting this "crazy old man" while conveying some very strong emotions: fear and fatherly love!

The BEAST is the master of the castle who was transformed by the Enchantress's spell. Casting for size is not as important as choosing a student that can handle this complex character: a dictator, a hurt child, a hero, a defender and a smitten prince. Cast an actor who can deliver a range of conflicting emotional states. While the Beast does sing a small bit during "Something There" and the "Finale," this is truly an acting role with no demanding singing required. It is absolutely possible to cast a non-singer as the Beast and have the student speak/sing his lyrics. Also, keep in mind that if you choose to cast the Prince separately from the Beast, the Prince would end up singing the Beast's lines in the "Finale."

GASTON is pompous and dim-witted and will do whatever it takes to win Belle's hand. Gaston has all the confidence in the world, but lacks the humility to balance it. A strong singing and speaking voice and acting ability are more important than size and stature for this role. He has to be able to sell his big number, "Gaston," with gusto and arrogance as well as lead the troops in "The Mob Song." Biceps can humorously be added, but the bravura needs to be there on the inside!

LEFOU is Gaston's equally dim-witted lackey. You might consider auditioning Lefou and Gaston in pairs. This character needs to be Gaston's foil and should double the laughs for them both. Lefou should be able to sing, act and dance. As a nice touch, you may choose to cast a student who has some gymnastic training if you wish to embed a lanky, awkward style into Lefou's movement.

The SILLY GIRLS are in love with Gaston and will do almost anything just to be near him. Look for three girls who can portray the comic nature of these roles and who also enjoy playing off each other. The Silly Girls sing together in three numbers and their sound should mix well.

LUMIERE is a self-confident, charming, French mâitre d' who (under the Enhantress's spell) is becoming a candelabra. He has a never-ending give-and-take with Cogsworth, so the student playing Lumiere must work well with the child you cast for that role. Consider auditioning in pairs. Lumiere should be a strong singer who can "light up" the stage in "Be Our Guest." If you have a child who can handle the French accent, fantastic! This role covers a range of emotions (from charming entertainer to brave soldier) and requires prominent song and dance, so try to cast a strong, reliable performer.

COGSWORTH is the English major-domo of the castle who is becoming a mantle clock. He, like all of the castle's Servants, shows a fatherly compassion for Belle yet is perfectly submissive to their master, the Beast. Cogsworth has two sides - he is a wee bit of a baby at times yet has no problem "getting into it" with Lumiere. Cast a strong actor and singer who enjoys acting "in charge" and is willing to try a British accent.

MRS. POTTS is the castle's endearing cook who has been enchanted to become a teapot. Mrs. Potts needs a strong, sweet voice and should be able to convey comforting, maternal qualities amidst the chaos that is breaking out at the castle. See if you can find an actress who can portray a character whom every audience member would want for a mom.

BABETTE is the maid and "resident flirt" of the castle who is turning into a feather duster. She misses the finer things in life as well as just being a girl. Babette is happy to be at Belle's service at a moment's notice, but her true heart comes through in "Human Again." Look for a good actor with solid vocal skills to handle Babette's harmonies.

MADAME DE LA GRANDE BOUCHE is an opera singer who is becoming a wardrobe. Madame is almost larger than life in everything she does, including her singing and dancing. Look for that student who can portray the ultimate "diva with a heart" with a big personality and a big voice. Madame has some harmony lines with Mrs. Potts and Babette, so cast a singer who can hold her own, but also knows when to pull back in order to sound good with the others.

CHIP is Mrs. Potts's son, who is becoming a teacup. You can certainly cast a much younger child for this role, but it is not imperative. Chip has a wonderful naïveté that endears him to all of the Servants. Cast an actor who can portray the honesty and the spirit of a young person and is comfortable trying to sing Chip's few solo lines. If convincing, Chip will win the hearts of the entire audience.

The OLD BEGGAR WOMAN/ENCHANTRESS should be an actor with the ability to be visually dramatic. Her transformation in the Prologue from the Old Beggar Woman to the Enchantress should magically entice all into the story.

MONSIEUR D'ARQUE is the dark, creepy proprietor of the lunatic asylum who adds more tension to the story. Cast an actor who can believably interpret this sinister personality. While Monsieur does have a few lines of solo singing in "The Mob Song," this is primarily a non-singing role, so look for a solid actor first.

The SERVANTS of the castle can include Statues, a Dust Pan, Flatware, Plates, an Egg Timer, Napkins, a Carpet, Salt & Pepper Shakers and whatever other household items or kitchenware you choose to cast in your show. These enchanted Servants are the "Rockettes" of their time. These students should be able to handle a potentially awkward costume while singing and dancing. These are great roles to cast multiple ages of children if you are trying to augment a cast. Look for good singers and dancers as they have two big production numbers to sell.

The VILLAGERS provide a colorful background singing throughout the show, and several also step into the action when needed to play in certain scenes. The featured roles vary in size and vocal requirements. The Ensemble will be needed to provide vocal power throughout the show and dance in the production numbers, so be sure to cast performers with a wide base of ability. These actors can double as the castle Servants if necessary.

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Time Rice
Book by Linda Woolverton
Once upon a time in a faraway land, an Enchantress turns a cruel, unfeeling Prince into a hideous Beast.
To break the spell, the Beast must learn to love another and earn her love in return before the last petal falls from an enchanted rose. Ten years later, in a small village far below the Beast's castle, a beautiful and intelligent young woman, Belle, yearns for something more than her provincial life (Belle). On his way to show his invention at a fair, Belle's father, Maurice, gets lost and seeks shelter in a castle. Enchanted Servants - Cogsworth, Lumiere, Babette, Mrs. Potts and Chip - try to make Maurice comfortable, but the Beast imprisons the intruder. To the dismay of the Silly Girls who fawn over Gaston, the village brute proposes to Belle, who turns him down (Belle - Reprise). When Belle sees Gaston's sidekick Lefou wearing her father's scarf, Belle runs off to search for him. Belle finds her missing father at the castle and offers herself in exchange for his freedom. The Beast agrees, sends Maurice back to the village, and escorts Belle to her bedroom, where she considers what she has done (Home). Seeing their guest forlorn, Mrs. Potts and Madame de la Grande Bouche comfort Belle (Home - Tag).
In the village tavern, Lefou and the Villagers try to lift Gaston's spirits (Gaston). When "crazy old" Maurice barges in claiming that he has seen a Beast, Gaston and Lefou form a plan to win Belle (Gaston - Reprise). At the castle, the Servants coach the Beast on how to act like a gentleman. When Belle refuses to accept the Beast's invitation to dinner, he loses his temper and tells her to starve. However, Lumiere and the Servants offer Belle an extravagant feast anyway (Be Our Guest). While Cogsworth gives Belle a tour of the castle, she wanders off into the forbidden West Wing. The Beast discovers her there and explodes, which causes the frightened Belle to flee the castle. In the forest, Belle is attacked by wolves. The Beast saves her but is injured in the process. Having a change of heart, Belle helps the Beast back to the castle and dresses his wound. The Servants recognize something different between Belle and the Beast (Something There) and express their hope that the spell may soon be broken (Human Again). Now dressed in a stunning gown, Belle dances with the Beast (Beauty and the Beast).

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