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By: Lawrence HarbisonAdd to Wish List
Book: $24.95
Type: Books and Resource
In this volume you will find fifty terrific new ten-minute plays all successfully produced during the 2014-2015 theatrical season. They are written in a variety of styles. Some realistic plays, some are not, some comic, some are dramatic. Included is a comprehensive list of theatres which do ten-minute plays. Plays for 2 Actors include: Annabel Lee (Don NIgro), Bang for the Buck (Sheri Frost), A Bottle of Vodka (Connie Schindewolf), Casey 229 (Elin Hampton), The Craft (Andrew Biss), Crooked Fork (Jonathan Yukich), Dream Lover (Michael Weems), Drinks before Flight (Lisa Kenner Grissom), Geniuses (Abby Fenbert), Gramping (Carey Crim), The Happy F&*#@!g Blind Guy (Bruce Graham), Home Going (Liv Matthews), Kill Me, Please! (Rhea MacCallum), Love, Theatre, and Damn Yankees (E. Scott Icenhower), Mistress Marlene (Margot Hammond), New Year's Eve (David MacGregor), One Moment More or Less (Rod McFadden), A Piece of Advice (Samuel Toll), Post Mortem (Cheri Magid), Raghead (Tom Coash), Smart Bra (Sylvia Reed), Smitten (Mark Harvey Levine), This is Not a Play (Chas Belov), What Remains of Youth (Erik Gernand). And, plays for 3 Actors or More: Bread (Randy Lee Gross), Cafe D'Automatique (Dave Hanson), Cake (Sherry Kramer), Call Me (Michele Markerian), The Day Tower Pizza Stood Still (Darrah Cloud), Doctors and Lawyers (1st Ed. Rules) (David Strauss), Film Appreciation (David Susman), How I Met the Sopranos (Irene Pynn), The Joke about the Small Bird (Luc Reid), Kiss a Squid (Andy Rassler), Maid Service (David Fleisher), Make Jon Patrick Shanley Go Home (Holli Harms), Mary Jane's Last Dance (Nicole Pandolfo), Polly (Ron Burch), Sarah Stein Sends a Selfie (Michael McKeever), The Scottish Play (Theo Reyna), Supernatural Seminar (Jenny Lyn Bader), Teeming Shore (Nick Gandiello), Too Solid Flesh ( Peter Floyd), Transferring Kyle (Jonathan Cook), 2 + 1 = Murder (CJ Ehrlich)
Published: 3/2016
ISBN: 978-1-57525-898-0
475 pages, 5.25 x 8.5 inches

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