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By: Eddie McPhersonAdd to Wish List
Script: $8.50
Notebook Script: $16.75
   (8.5 x 11 3-ring binder with large margins for notes)
First Performance Royalty: $75.00
Each Additional Performance: $75.00
Limited Video Rights: $30.00
Limited Streaming/Broadcast Rights: $50.00
Extra Streams: $0.50
Artwork Image Download: $30.00
Types: Full Length Play, Community Theatre
Genres: Comedy, Farce, Hillbilly
Themes: Hillbilly, Family
Running Time: 90 minutes
Speaking Cast: 11 females, 7 males, 18 total cast
ISBN: 978-1-61588-161-1
Script Preview   Author Notes   Comments   Productions
Sometimes, everything that can go wrong will. It's summer and time for backyard fun and the semi-annual Sludge family reunion. The morning of the relative disaster begins with the snooty yankee neighbor next door, Pamela Chambers, who warns the Sludges that she plans to draft a petition for eviction because the Sludge's noxious, weed-infested landscape does not promote a safe and attractive community. Scrambling to get the plastic silverware polished and fried chicken on the grill, Eloise considers Pamela's uppity threats empty threats until an officer shows up to arrest Harley Wayne, Eloise's husband, for trampling Pamela's perennial garden with his four-wheeler. The barbeque heats up when Virgil and Margaret have their first real lovers' spat and Ellard, Virgil's best friend, proposes to Virgil's sister using visual aids, and the 95-year old matriarch of the family announces her plans to elope with her new boyfriend, Mr. Perky. The bedlam continues in this hilarious but true account of the worst family reunion in the history of the Sludge's nutty family tree.

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