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The Maxwell Family Classics Series

Come meet the Maxwells and you will instantly become part of the family. These classic plays are full of comedy and you are given a "ring side" seat in watching the humor of everyday life unfold before your eyes.

By: Donald Payton
(: 30 : 5 , 3 , 8 )
There’s something about Christmas that’s happy and peaceful—except at the home of the Maxwell’s. There’s something about Christmas that’s calm and celestial---except Lucas, who is far from either on this Christmas day, because his world has just slid out from under him—no sled. All year long Lucas had talked of a sled, but on Christmas...  read more
By: Donald Payton
(: 90 : 9 , 7 , 16 )
Dad is called out of town on a long business trip and decides to bring Mrs. Maxwell along. Their industrious son, Lucas, seizes the opportunity and opens up the house to boarders in order to make a little extra money. Into the paper goes the ad, and that night the Maxwell house is crawling with people. Lucy Burns, a sort of walking...  read more
By: Donald Payton
(: 90 : 8 , 5 , 13 )
The Maxwells have their hands full with their children Caroline and Lucas, but their youngest daughter Courtney has always been a ray of sunshine in a cloudy existence. Courtney has always done well in school and Aunt Mary even calls her "beloved."

Since nothing exciting ever happens to Courtney, she makes up escapades from her vivid...  read more

By: Donald Payton
(: 30 : 3 , 3 , 6 )
Lucas and Hercules are planning to attend a masquerade. While trying to decide what to wear, Lucas jots down phone messages as they come in. After a call from the grocery store concerning the beef heart Mrs. Maxwell had asked about, Lucas scribbles the single sentence, “Heart about gone.” Lucas dad had his physical that day and when Dr...  read more

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