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 The Virgil Series

Come to Lickskillet and join in the adventures of America's #1 family, the Sludges, a clan of fairly unremarkable, but kindly folk, that are guaranteed to keep you in stitches. As you ease back in your chair to enter the slow lane, be prepared for uproarious laughter with a smattering of life's lessons.

By: Eddie McPherson
(: 80 : 9 , 5 , 14 )
The Sludges are simple country people who enjoy the rural trappings of gardens and green space. Enter Jennifer and Trish, two highbrow city slickers whose car broke down and desperately need a telephone (since their cell phones won’t receive a signal “in the boonies”). The city girls who prefer trendy shopping districts and running water...  read more
By: Eddie McPherson
(: 90 : 7-8 , 7-8 , 0-2 , 14-16 
     : 1-10 )
Virgil has always dreamed of doing something important. After finding a play he wrote when he was a little boy growing up in Lickskillit, Virgil decides to send it off to Hollywood, California to see if anyone is interested in producing his “masterpiece.” Sure enough, he almost faints when he gets a call from Hollywood asking him to bring the...  read more
By: Eddie McPherson
(: 90 : 9-13 , 4-7 , 13-20 
Everyone dreams of striking it rich by winning the lottery except Virgil’s wife, Margaret. Margaret thinks it’s a waste of money until Virgil wins the $10,000 Lickskillit lottery. As soon as Margaret and Virgil get the news, Virgil quits his job, they join the posh (well, posh for Lickskillit) social club and overnight start living in high...  read more
By: Eddie McPherson
(: 45 : 8 , 5 , 13 )
Virgil Sludge is a simple country boy working a temporary job in the city for extra Christmas money. As custodian at a leading ad agency, Virgil and his best friend Ellard, having a little harmless fun, play around with one of their own advertising ideas while taking a break in an executive’s office. By mistake, the storyboard with a...  read more
By: Eddie McPherson
(: 90 : 11 , 7 , 18 )
Sometimes, everything that can go wrong will. It’s summer and time for backyard fun and the semi-annual Sludge family get-together. The morning of the relative disaster begins with the snooty yankee neighbor next door, Pamela Chambers, who warns the Sludges that she plans to draft a petition for eviction because the Sludge’s noxious...  read more

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