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By: Michael Blevins
(: 30 : 4 , 3 , 7 )
Penned by award-winning playwright, Michael Blevins, and originally produced by New York's Group Theatre Too, aftermath chronicles the lives of seven young people as they face daily choices about substance abuse, promiscuity, diet, other social issues and the inevitable consequences of the choices they make. Follow Brody and his friends in this expertly...  read more
By: Todd Ford
(: 25 : 5 , 4 , 12-15 , 21-24 
And the Giants Fell examines the events leading up to the September 11th tragedy and our reaction to the events. Through four sections, we examine the thoughts and reactions of the participants and victims of the historic event. In the first section, And the Giants Fell, we examine two families and how their lives were touched by this tragic event...  read more
By: Dennis Bush
(: 45 : 5 , 3 , 8 )
Set in a state-run mental institution and, at times, in the minds of the patients, Asylum explores the flip side of sanity. We meet a former pop star who continues to live like she's in a music video, a girl who was harmed by her best friend's boyfriend, a young man who does operations on stuffed animals and himself, a woman who believes she's in the 11th...  read more
By: Mike Willis
(: 15 : 2 , 1 , 3 
Being a young person in today's world is no easy task. Tragically, many young people feel they are not able to cope and become desperate enough to take their own lives. Suicide is not something that happens to other people. It can be a reality in any family. This award-winning drama creates an awareness in the minds of the audience regarding the...  read more
By: Ann Cerv
(: 30 : 7 , 9 , 16 )
Francis stands at the edge of the Brownstone Building rooftop late at night, heart pounding and deliberate, contemplating suicide. Keb Krat, who died jumping from that very building 60 years ago, introduces Francis to his fate if he takes this determined leap. Keb has until dawn to change the mind of this young man so eager to take his own life. He proceeds...  read more
By: Jason Brooks
(: 45 : 6 , 4-5 , 2 , 12-13 
     : 0-1 )
Billy is a bully. He torments classmates, his little brother and his girlfriend daily. Billy's long-dead British pet bunny, Fluffy, visits Billy and warns him that it's time he bear witness to the havoc and hurt he's caused over the years and to expect visits from three ghosts: a short-tempered fairy, a surfer with great strength, and a tall, dark and really...  read more
By: Dennis Bush
(: 40 : 5 , 4 , 9 )
Among the shadows of the bright lights of New York City's theatre district, nine homeless people search for hope and meaning. They're not movers and shakers, they just get moved and shaken. In a world that's been turned upside down, they find poetry and pain, with no pity and no shame.
By: Donnamarie Vaughan
(: 10 : 1 , 1 )
A young man thinks he can handle the newest, most enticing drug on the market in this poignant, pull-no-punches monologue.
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