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By: Christopher E. Engler
(: 80 : 3 , 2 , 5-25 , 10-30 
     : 5-20 )
With nods to radio show pastiche, this modern podcast style show opens with Max Best (AKA Captain Stupendous) once again keeping the streets of Populous safe from his arch enemy Nefarious. However, things get tricky when Piper Penbrooke, a smart upstart reporter, discovers an unknown truth. Captain Stupendous doesn’t have any superpowers; he only thinks...  read more
By: Glenn Alterman
(: 10 : 1 , 1 , 2 )
Terry's husband has recently died. She is at the funeral home. After the memorial she stops Tom in the lobby to tell him how moved she was by what he said at the memorial. As they talk they both realize they have a lot in common.
By: Glenn Alterman
(: 10 : 1 , 1 , 2 )
Benches, they used to be just for the rich, the privileged, now all people can sit and rest. Telly and Ted find themselves sitting on the same bench, waiting for a bus. This existential drama contemplates life, death, and the hereafter.
By: Justin Arnold
(: 100 : 8 , 6 , 1 , 15 
     : 4-20 )
“Wear the rags. Sleep by the fireplace. Be a good girl, keep silent. Go to the ball, dance with the prince. Hope he figures out how to save you. Yes, madame. No, madame. Be kind. Be complacent––Wow. Forget. That.” This is not your average Cinderella story––Ella’s got grit and moxie.

A plague ravages the kingdom taking the life of Ella’s mother and...  read more

By: Michael Tennant
(: 100 : 4-6 , 3-9 , 0-1 , 7-16 
“Good friend for Jesus sake forbear, To dig the dust enclosed here. Blessed be the man that spares these stones, And cursed be he that moves my bones.” William Shakespeare’s Gravesite Epitaph

Joe, and his daughter Angela, have inherited an old house after his uncle’s mysterious death. They soon discover that many owners of the home have died under...  read more

By: Glenn Alterman
(: 10 : 1 , 1 , 2 )
Sharon is drunk in a bar in New York. Mel, a stranger, comes to her rescue when she falls off her bar stool. Sharon is very intrigued by the reserved Mel. Mel reveals that they attended the same junior high school. Soon Sharon learns that they have a great deal in common.
Nine Short Plays About High School Theatre Life
By: Greg Cummings
(: 50 : 5-12 , 5-11 , 10-23 
The life of theatre geeks: diva battles, wise techies, know-it-all costumers, and shy sound designers. Throw in athletes bit by the acting bug, a theatrical promposal, a college audition, a play written in stage directions, and you have nine short plays showcasing high school theatre life.
By: Michael Bigelow Dixon, Jon Jory
(: 30 : 11-15 , 5-7 , 16-22 
     : 0-3 )
Malcolm has a big problem––his client, Mr. Dreadful, insists he sell an old mansion by midnight. Malcolm finds a host of zany potential buyers, however, his real problem is that the mansion’s haunted by a family of ghosts who don’t want the place sold. Watch as all heck breaks loose when the ghost of Abe Lincoln, a ghostly “lift” driver, and a ghost-busting...  read more
By: Jarron Williams
(: 10 : 1 , 1 )
Andrea comes from a family of nurses, a long tradition stemming from the women in her family’s intense desire to heal. As Andrea’s monologue to a temp agency unfolds, we realize that her family has a darker legacy. The women in her family have often been victims of domestic abuse, a trauma Andrea has only recently escaped from. Andrea begins to connect her...  read more
By: Phil Olson
(: 25 : 2 , 2 , 0-1 , 4-5 
With a hurricane raging outside, three strangers are evacuated into a school gymnasium to wait out the storm. Robert, a work-a-holic advertising executive, is desperate to escape in order to close a deal with the large corporation, Grandma’s Cookies. He is now trapped with a bold elderly woman who, to his dismay, is playing match-maker with a woman he despises...  read more
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